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My family and friends know me best as Michelle Anne Brown, the artist. Many of them, however, have no idea that I also love to write, maybe even more so than painting. Perhaps it is because writing allows me to instantly express myself, something painting is unable to do.

“Fall of Kingdoms” 2012 Pen and Ink

Still there are times, as the saying goes, when a picture is really worth a thousand words.

That is why I opted to post the pen and ink drawing to the left on my “About Me” page. This portrait best represents why this sight was created.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”?

It was the thing to say, back in the day, to combat a bout of name calling from the neighborhood bully, worse yet, a friend or family member.

I suppose, those of you who have wielded this seemingly clever retort quickly learned, as I did, that no matter how skillfully you delivered the quip, it had no ability to soothe the unseen wounds left in your soul by your attacker.

Undoubtedly, when all was said and done, each of us limped off our various battlefields licking our wounds. I suspect that the poor sole who coined this phrase, left the playground licking wounds as well. Sadly, some of us are still nursing those same boo boos decades later.

The weaponization of negative words, in my opinion, has deprived thousands upon thousands of lives, possibly millions or even billions, of their ability to enjoy life free of bondage.

The “Fall of Kingdoms” depicts the battle in my life between opposing mindsets and the words that fueled those mindsets. The art work may represent my life but the message is universal. Layers of disfiguring graffiti, spewed from the mouths of unwitting accomplices of spiritual vandals, battle against the truth, they battle to take us captive, to control every part of us.

In my case, because the lies were plentiful, I easily fell prey to their crippling message. In my mind I was classified as a misfit. That mindset molded me into a pathetically, needy creature. You know the kind, the ones who suck the life out of you. That was me! I wanted nothing more than to belong, to feel accepted.

Everything changed when I heard the words, “You are my beloved”! Words spoken not by an earthly lover, but by a Heavenly Father. One who offered to accept me just as I am, warts and all, because he loves me unconditionally.

“Of Fish and Fisherman” is designed to fight against the voice of our enemy, the voice that shouts God is not good, God does not care, God does not love you because you’re just too messed up. This sight will seek to destroy these lies and impart truth to set you free to believe that no matter what condition you may find yourself in, you are loved by God; you are his beloved.



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